We want to put the culture of design in the
hearts of people and businesses


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  • Portfolio Management

  • Brand Architecture


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Creative Training

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We believe that design is a powerful way
of thinking that gives life to ideas.
We want to make use of everything that
exists to enhance the innovation process
within companies. That is how we can
create better solutions for people and
better results for businesses.

We know that we can not solve the problems
of today with the same logic of the past
that created them. This impasse has provided
us with a new way of thinking. Innovation is
not a linear process and there is not only
one single defined path. therefore, we want
to think about the future of the businesses
of our partners and achieve better results
in a collaborative way.

Along our journey, we have received
the recognition of the most respected
organizations that judge the excellence
of design in brazil and abroad. They
are international, national and regional
awards obtained in various categories.

We love design, coffee and smiles.
In partnership with the entrepreneur Karine
Camejo, we created Valkiria Café, a service
designed for connecting people and
promoting the creative economy of cities,
offering coffee lovers an extensive menu
of drinks and meals in a design atmosphere.

Avenida Carlos Gomes, 604

Avenida Coronel Lucas de Oliveira


Creative intelligence is a social quality
that leverages our creativity when we learn
from others and act in a collaborative way. 
We are made up of people, a multidisciplinary
and heterogeneous group, that collaborate and
create together, that teach and learn, that
admire and respect each other, that have
attitude and are not afraid to get their
hands dirty.

Matheus Pinto

Diretor de Criação

Moisés Hansen

Diretor de Negócios

Marieta Simch

Administrativo Financeiro

Bruna Dipp

Designer Multitask


Designer Multitask

Thomas Wilms

Novos Negócios


Designer Multitask

Raphael de Luca

Designer Multitask

Beatriz Janoni


Mariana De Luca

Inteligência Associada

Paula Borges

Inteligência Associada

Marcelo Bohrer

Inteligência Associada

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